How do organizations and people strategically engage (or not) with challenges of the long future? What are the new temporal horizons of the ‘Anthropocene’ epoch and what can they help us with? Why is so much of modern society apparently trapped in temporal absurdities of short-term capitalist modes of organizing? What is the Arctic going to look like in 200 years? How do we get out of dystopian thought and into new creations?


I am a social scientist, temporal explorer, organization scholar and semi-artistic researcher and more officially an associate professor at Molde University College in Norway. I am driven by questions about human beings' relation to time, nature, 'sustainability', and capitalism, and work with these questions in many different ways: ethnographic studies, poetry, research texts, field trips, performative laboratories and more. A lot of it in collaboration with good people from academia, the arts or companies and other organizations.

My background is in the humanities (M.A. in Film Science, 2002). I have an MPA (from Copenhagen Business School, 2007) and worked with communication and CSR in the NGO world for some years, before embarking on an industrial PhD in collaboration with Danish medical device company Coloplast and ESADE Business School in Barcelona (2009-2012). My PhD was an investigation of the institutional logics and micro-strategies of Coloplast's corporate CSR programme.

I worked as a postdoc and assistant professor at Copenhagen Business School in 2013-2016, partly funded by Carlsbergfondet with a postdoc project on "Time hybrids in corporate strategy" about the conflict between short-term economic goals and long-term societal/environmental challenges.

As an educator, I have taught and developed topics in organization studies and sociology for many different audiences - from 1st year bachelor students to seasoned managers. I cherish teaching and supervising and believe in the power and beauty of learning and thinking and challenging the status quo. 

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