Dialoguing knowledge

With a background in the humanities (M.A., 2002) and a Ph.D. in Management Studies (2012), I have worked with organizational transformation both practically and academically for some 20 years, focusing on societal and environmental engagements.
I love theory and academic research; its rigorousness, depth, curiosity, and I believe theory has an important role to play in ‘real life’ that current academic structures do not easily support. At the same time, people and organizations outside academia find it hard to understand how the slow, intellectual practices of social science could be of any relevance to them, their products, their strategies, their ways of being in the world.


The work I do today is based on my enthusiasm for making such dialogues happen; between research and practice, theory and action, deep thinking and our accelerating world. I try to translate theoretical concepts into meaningful inputs that can create value.
I try to translate big, worldly problems into questions that can be answered through different theoretical perspectives. I oscillate here, constantly and joyfully and in collaboration with good people from academia, the arts, companies and other organizations.


Communicator, scholar, writer, bridging agent, educator, supervisor (academic), censor (academic), collaborator, speaker, semi-artistic researcher, strategist, listener, initiator, event-maker, and closet poet. 


Time, temporality, Critical Studies, organization theory, new materialism, Sociology of time, Anthropocene, eco-/ geo-philosophy, utopian studies, alternative organization, imaginaries, institutional theory, sustainability, CSR, strategy-as-practice, ethnography, qualitative methods.

Brief C.V.

Ph.D. in Management Studies, 2012

MPA, 2007

M.A. in Film Studies, 2002

Associate professor, Molde University College, 2018-20

External lecturer, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), 2016-19

Assistant professor, CBS, 2013-2016

Ph.D. candidate, ESADE & Coloplast, 2009-12

Project Manager, The Aid Agency, 2008

Corporate Fundraiser, DanChurch Aid, 2007

Communication consultant, Kofoeds Skole, 2003-06

What happens at Wildtime?


Part of my time is dedicated to my book project 'Time, humans and the emerging transformation of the world' (working title). More to be shared about this.


Besides writing, I am involved in different ongoing research projects and groups. Sometimes I engage in artistic projects and dialogues.


I am a also a versatile communicator, educator, speaker, researcher, facilitator and more and can
be hired for money :).


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