Interactions are fun, beautiful, difficult, enriching, important. With non-human life as well as humans. When it comes to humans, some of my professional interaction forms involve teaching students and presenting to public audiences. I love the quest that we are on together, and to try and convey matters that I find important - and even those I find less important... As a university educator, one sometimes must teach topics that are not central to one's own research area - but there's always something to be learned, used, wondered about. I have taught everything from 1st year bachelor students to master students and executives. In auditorium lectures and creatively working small groups, online and offline, for short and long stretches. It's all good and a privilege.

Talking to and engaging with audiences outside academia is something scholars should do much more (and vice versa). Those meetings really change something for both parties, I find. I have given talks to think tanks and corporations, broad audiences and groups of friends. I need to do much more.

A brief list

Copenhagen Business School 2012-2018

  • Master in Strategy, Organization and Leadership - teaching 'Organizations & Society' course

  • Master of Public Governance (MPG) - leading and teaching 'Advanced Strategy'

  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration - teaching broadly in 'Strategy and organizational development'

  • PhD course on Institutional Logics & Orders - teaching and developing

  • Bachelor in Business Economy - teaching and developing 'Organizational Analysis' course

  • Bachelor in Business Law - leading and teaching 'CSR & Strategy' course

  • Master thesis supervisor

Molde University College 2018-

  • Master in Social Change, organization and management - Study Leader + teaching and leading 'Globalization and Organizations' course

  • Bachelor in Law and Administration - teaching Orgganizational Change and knowledge' course

  • Master thesis supervisor and leader of thesis programme

Talks and conferences - a few selected

  • Deep Time, Deep Value. iKuben Young Think Tank presentation, Norway, 2019

  • The temporality of the Anthropocene, Norwegian Research Days, 2019

  • Time and death - Ungdomsbureauet at Roskilde Festival, 2015

  • Conference presentations and panels at: EGOS, Academy of Management, SMART UiO, Sustainability Days CBS, British Academy of Management, New Institutionalism Workshop, Future Matters Collective (Barbara Adams), EBEN, Oikos Entrepreneurship Academy, NEON

  • Performances wth Sisters Academy, Nana-Francisca Schottländer, Eduardo Abrantes & InterArts Center Malmö